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About Reflections Custom Etching

Macy and Shane When you come to us, you come to a husband and wife team who have spent more than 35 years running Reflections Custom Etching by the credo that we must be proud of every project we complete. We see our role as that of helping each client’s dream or vision become a physical reality, and to that end we treat each project, from sculpting multi-ton boulders to etching a vase, with the same care and attention. Our hopes for every project and piece we create is that in 100 years they will still be admired for their craftsmanship and beauty.

We use both local and imported materials for our work. Our smaller stones are hand-picked by us from the beaches and hills of the Pacific northwest, and larger stones and boulders are selected by us from local quarries. The glass we used in stained or flash glass etchings is hand-blown locally, making every piece unique and customizable. Some of our favorite projects have come from trying to find the perfect material or technique that will bring our client’s vision to life.

Much of our work is done to memorialize loved ones, weddings, or spiritual sanctuaries. Our greatest complement is when, having completed such a project, the clients and ourselves are moved to tears. We have found that this can be true even for our corporate work, where a simple business sign becomes a symbol of permanence and importance for employees, customers, and the community.

We look forward to working with you, and helping your ideas, dreams, and visions become a piece of art in your life.